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100% safe and non-invasive treatment without lasers carried out by one of our specialist doctors.

The Thread Vein Removal Experts

Dr Newmans Clinic is the UK’s leading thread vein removal clinic specialising largely in the treatment of facial veins, facial redness, rosacea, red nose, red cheeks, nose veins and legs veins.

  • We are the UK’s leading clinic solely dedicated to treating thread veins.

  • The treatment we use was pioneered by Dr Newman himself and is considered the gold standard for the treatment of thread veins.

  • The treatment is non-invasive and is a walk-in walk-out procedure.

  • All appointments are carried out by a doctor.

  • We don’t use lasers; 25% of all our patients have previously had unsatisfactory results with lasers.

  • We featured on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies to demonstrate our success.

Emmabarassing Bodies

Common Thread Vein Questions

• Do veins disappear straight away?

Typically yes, however, the amount of treatment you need is dependent upon the size, site and number of your veins. Your doctor will assess the level of treatment you can have in a single session, being mindful to balance the amount of treatment with the sensitivity of your skin. Following treatment, there may be some redness or slight irritation of the skin but normal activities can be resumed. It is commonly described as a walk in walk out procedure.

• Is this laser treatment?

No, it uses less energy and is much more targeted. Thermocoagulation is a precise pulse technology which removes thread veins quickly and effectively and is relatively pain-free. Over 30% of our patients have previously had an unsuccessful laser treatment and have been delighted to find that our clinic has delivered long-lasting results.

• Is the treatment safe?

Yes, treatment for thread vein removal is known as non-invasive and a treatment session typically takes up to 30 minutes. The microwaves from the Treatment device penetrate the tissue approximately 0.5-2mm at the most, which does not adversely affect the body. All appointments are carried out by one of our doctors who have been specifically trained to provide this treatment.

• How much does an appointment cost?

Dr Newmans Clinic is able to achieve high levels of patient satisfaction because we specialise in providing this treatment. Our doctors have many years of experience treating thread veins, and will first assess your condition and suitability before moving on to a cycle of treatment.

The consultation with your treating doctor is £135.00. Follow on treatment cost is £395.00 per session.

All appointments are carried out by a doctor, from the consultation to the treatment itself. It gives patients confidence to know that they are seeing a fully qualified medical practitioner from the moment they arrive at our clinic.

• What are the treatment outcomes?

Patients treated for thread veins using Thermavein or Sclerotherapy at Dr Newmans Clinic generally experience extremely good outcomes. Since the treatment was developed by Dr Brian Newman many years ago, the techniques and technology used by our doctors have continued to evolve. Dr Newmans Clinic is the only national thread vein network in the UK, dedicated to the treatment of thread veins.

• Does the treatment hurt?

All patients have different pain thresholds, so what may seem painless for some may cause mild discomfort for others. Our patients have informed us that our thermocoagulation treatment is like having a hair pulled out, and is far less painful than laser or IPL treatments.

Some patients experience a small amount of inflammation around the treated area but this subsides reasonably quickly.

Leg vein conditions may require Sclerotherapy, where our doctors carefully inject a saline solution into the veins, and light pressure dressings are applied; Sclerotherapy is tolerated very well by the vast majority of patients. For some patients, the treated area may appear red following a treatment, but our doctors will be able to advise at your appointment the period before this redness calms along with any other considerations. Our thread vein treatments are 'walk-in walk-out procedures’.

Can I wear makeup on the same day as receiving a thread vein treatment? Please try to attend your appointments without makeup, although this can, of course, be removed once you arrive at the clinic. Ideally, you should not use makeup for the remainder of the day following facial thread vein treatment. However, makeup can be applied the following day if necessary.

• What to wear to a thread vein appointment?

Thread vein treatments will require you to lie flat on a treatment couch, so please wear clothes that you will feel comfortable in. If you are undergoing Injection Compression Sclerotherapy for leg treatment, it is advisable that you wear wide leg trousers or a long skirt to cover the light pressure dressings applied to secure the injected solution.

• Can I go in the sun after thread vein treatment?

Going in the sun after thread vein treatment is okay, however, it is advisable to wear sun cream if you choose to do so, we always recommend a high factor of sun protection.

• Can you have thread vein treatments while pregnant?

Our doctors would be happy to carry out a consultation but would advise against treatment during pregnancy. 6 months after childbirth is the usual amount of time to elapse before undergoing a thread vein treatment.


What Our Patients Say?

Find Your Nearest Dr Newmans Clinic


150 Harley Street, London, W1G 7LQ

Parking meters and ‘pay and display’ facilities are in close proximity. Car parks are located in Marylebone High Street, Cavendish Square, and Harley Street. The nearest Tube station is Regent’s Park, and other accessible stations include Baker Street and Great Portland Street. Buses that run in the area are numbers 18, 30 and 205.


38 Harborne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 3EB

Dr Newmans Clinic Spider vein clinic in Birmingham is located just 2 miles outside of Birmingham City Centre. It’s easy to reach our Birmingham Clinic via the roads and public transport. There are numerous car parks close to the clinic as well as off-road parking; and we’re only a 5-minute walk from Fiveways station. The 98 and X64 bus routes also run close to the clinic, meaning you can reach us by bus as well.


60 Lansdowne Place, Hove, Brighton, BN3 1FG

Our Brighton Spider vein clinic is extremely accessible from pretty much anywhere in Sussex. The majority of our patients drive to the clinic as there is ample pay and display parking available outside the clinic. However, as we’re located just a mile west of Brighton, there are great public transport links close by with Hove Station being just over a mile and a half away. The 21A bus route also stops close to the clinic, offering another way of getting to us.


Litfield House Medical Centre 1 Litfield Place, Clifton Down, Bristol. BS8 3LS

The majority of patients who visit our Bristol Spider vein clinic do so by car due to our rural location. There is on-site parking available at our Bristol clinic. However, it is very limited. Ample pay and display parking is available on the streets that surround the clinic. It is also possible to visit our Bristol clinic via public transport, with the nearest train stations being Bristol Parkway and Bristol Temple Meads stations.


The Cathedral Road Clinic, 242 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9JG

The Clinic is located on the prestigious Cathedral Road and is in close proximity to Cardiff city centre, offering an ideal location for our customers. There is off road parking available in a free car park opposite the Clinic in LLandaff fields. The Clinic is only 10 minutes walk from Cardiff city centre and the adjacent parkland of Pontcanna fields and is within walking distance of main bus and train stations.


GP-Plus Ltd, 24 Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6JN


Blythswood Health and Wellbeing, 2nd Floor, 1 Blythswood Square, Glasgow, G2 4AD

Our Glasgow Spider vein clinic is located in the heart of Glasgow City Centre. It’s extremely easy to visit our Glasgow clinic by both car or bus. With street parking outside the clinic and car parks close by. If you are travelling by bus, you’re in luck as many buses run through St Vincent Street, making it easy to get around from anywhere in Glasgow. It’s also possible to reach us by train as we’re a short 6-minute walk from Glasgow Central Station.


29 Park Square West Leeds LS1 2PQ

Our Leeds Spider vein clinic is right in the heart of Leeds City Centre, making us easy to visit from both areas local to Leeds and the rest of Yorkshire. If you’re travelling by car, you’ll find a generous amount of parking directly outside the clinic; as well as close by. If travelling by public transport, we’re just an 8-minute walk from Leeds Station and less than 5-minutes away from the bus stops on Westgate.


Pall Mall Medical, 5 St Pauls Square, Liverpool. L3 9SJ

Our Liverpool Spider vein clinic close to the heart of Liverpool City Centre. This central location means it is easy to reach us both by car and public transport. There are many pay and display car parks close by, and we’re within walking distance of both Moorfields and Liverpool Lime Street train stations. It’s also simple to reach us on a bus with bus stops on the 54, 103 and 235 bus routes close by.


Pall Mall Medical, 61a King Street, Manchester. M2 4PD

You can reach our Manchester Spider vein clinic easily by car or public transport. There are many public car parks close to the clinic - NCP King Street West (500 yards), NCP Manchester Arndale (700 yards) to name but a couple. Our Manchester clinic is also within a 10-minute walk of Manchester Victoria, Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Oxford Road train stations. Manchester International airport and Liverpool John Lennon airport are both within easy access by rail and road.


The Darras Clinic, Broadway Darras Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE20 9PW

Situated just a short 15-minute drive from Newcastle City Centre, our Newcastle clinic is easy to reach via car from most areas in the North East. Once you get to our clinic, there is off-road parking opportunities close to the clinic as well as a public car park just a short walk away. There are also semi-regular bus routes from surrounding areas that pass by our clinic, meaning you can also reach us by public transport.


Our Leading Treatments

Dr Newmans Clinic blends the techniques of time honoured injection compression sclerotherapy with the modern method of treating finer veins with thermocoagulation (also referred to as Veinwave or Thermavein).

Our years of experience has shown that veins of all sizes can be treated with confidence using thermocoagulation (Veinwave) alone. Whether it is general facial veins, veins which surround or appear in the nose, or veins associated with rosacea, Dr Newmans Clinic can help.